Social Media and Work: Where is the Line?

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As the job market begins to improve, more and more companies are looking for ways to shuffle through the massive amounts of job applications that they have to go through.  We know the process. We’ve done it. We hated it. It’s a pain going over 200 applicant’s resumes and then trying to narrow that list down to five to call in for interviews. Companies for a while now have been looking at social media to find out more about people and making judgments as to whether to hire them based on that.  Most recently, instead of just looking for or glancing at people’s Facebook pages, they have started requiring that they turn over their password, in some of the more extreme cases, or, in the less extreme cases,  asking candidates to sign in to their Facebook account during the interview or friend a hiring manager. For more detail, check out the article from business insider “If You Want A Job, You May Have To Turn Over Your Facebook Password”. Stay tuned for some of our contributors views on the subject.

What are your thoughts? Where is the line between social media and work?

The Disillusionment of Politics – Reality of Our Common Home: Earth

Earthrise: Suddenly, from behind the rim of the moon, in long, slow-motion moments of immense majesty, there emerges a sparkling blue and white jewel, a light, delicate sky-blue sphere laced with slowly swirling veils of white, rising gradually like a small pearl in a thick sea of black mystery. It takes more than a moment to fully realize this is Earth... home. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14.

In the interest of keeping up with current events, I keep an eye on news stories and politics as I go throughout my day. I like to see what things are happening in the world as they normally end up effecting some aspect of my life. Most recently, the largest amounts of news media has been focused on the upcoming presidential election here in the United States. I get frustrated with politics a lot. Some of this is because we have become so partisan as a society, so extreme in our views that every discussion becomes a heated battle. There is constant bickering and what seems like endless and useless rhetoric from everyone, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Right, Left, Communist, Federalist, and the list goes on. Most of the time, it really seems like nothing ever gets done. I can understand people’s complaint and subsequent animosity towards political systems the world over.

One of the defining reasons I love the space program and admire the astronauts, cosmonauts, and many others, past and present, who have ventured out beyond these political spheres of influence is because they have come to see Planet Earth for what she truly is. Hopefully someday, we’ll all have that same opportunity. Even if we don’t though, we should be able to grasp that we’re all in this together and need to come together and work together to make the world a better place in all aspects. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell stated these same sentiments best, at least I think so:

“You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a bitch.’ ” – Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

Legos in Space: A Modern Day October Sky

Lego Shuttle Flight
Lego Shuttle Flight - Soon after takeoff (

Space, dubbed the final frontier most famously by the series Star Trek, has been the dream of many people throughout the years.  As of late, the number of people with this dream seems to have dwindled, but not for Oaida Raul from Romania who was bound and determined to realize his dream like Homer Hickam did in the book Rocket Boys later to be changed to match the movie October Sky . He diligently found an investor who mentored him about how to make his project work and even steered him into using a Lego Space Shuttle Model 3367.  Getting air space clearance, he launched the model along with a GoPro camera and other equipment and sent it soaring.  The song 99 Luftballoons  nearly immediately came to mind upon hearing that they used a 1600g helium filled weather balloon and launched from Germany. The music he picked for his YouTube video was great, but I think it would have been even more of a kicker with that song. Oh well.  Perhaps that can be a future project using a whole squadron! Take a look at the video below. It’s pretty awesome. You can also see the more detailed version of events from his Oaida’s own blog.


Anonymous Logo
Anonymous Logo (

Anonymous has made a lot of international news as of late as it seems their organization is growing larger and more brash.  Most recently have been attacks made by them on a number of US government websites including the CIA, FBI, and many local police authorities, especially as members of the organization have been found and arrested (with charges equaling more than 100 years in federal prison).

“Anonymous is a decentralized network of individuals focused on promoting access to information, free speech, and transparency.” (From

DC Comics Superheroes

Though I agree with promoting these ideals expressed, this is not what the image of the organization is to the public, and perhaps it is that decentralized network structure that makes it so. Without the structure, there is little way for the organization to truly keep a handle on all of its “members” making sure that the ideals it was founded on are correctly pursued.  With the most recent attacks and threats, the group appears to be insecure, a group of nerds and geeks who always wanted to be a superhero vigilante and see this as their chance. I’m sorry to break it to you Anonymous, but you’re not Batman, Superman, Spiderman, or the X-men. All you are making yourselves out to be are bullies and terrorists (which I believe was exactly what Captain America was against).  I am not the only one with this opinion. David Goldman from CNN Money Tech wrote an article last year about the groups and their overall position within the global cyber-crime universe.

The global cybercrime universe is terrifying. Cybercrooks often work in organized crime syndicates like the Mafia. Some defraud banks, and many others are government agents that spy on foreign entities and corporations. They threaten our financial systems, our economy, and our national security.

Comparatively, hacktivists groups are the equivalent of graffiti artists, prank callers, hazers and bullies. Like pranksters, they tend to be young, poorly funded and immature. They seek to embarrass companies, individuals, and government agencies in order to make a statement.

There comes a time; however, when the immature “pranksters” that at one time we though were harmless end up making a huge mistake and without looking at the consequences end up destroying what they claim they are protecting. Fighting for access to information and transparency is great and all, but at what cost? One of the most recent attacks was on the police department of my home city where the database of anonymous tips and other information was stolen and held over the states head to get them to stop anti-graffiti legislation they didn’t like. “They criticize the bill for being too broad, an attempt ‘to resolve an inconvenience with a flamethrower.’ ” ( So you take innocent citizens information, who were reporting crimes, and threaten to release it?  How is that not hypocritical and ‘resolving an inconvenience with a flamethrower’?  Why can’t you go through the normal channels? You’re putting other people’s lives at risk. Even the dumbest of superheroes has more sense than that.

If this was the worse they had done, I might chalk it up to a well-played bluff, but it’s not. They’ve done worse and are currently doing worse. A group called “Morality in Media” whose focus is to try to curb the ever-expanding movement of pornography in our world is under constant attacks and threats because of the outcry of the group’s executive director who witness a man in front of her on an airplane viewing pornography that she deemed to be “childlike”.  She spoke out and was told to be quiet by the stewardess, a number of the passengers, one in particular who told her “Be quiet, no one cares.” (Read her letter here  You can also see the short YouTube video about the experience) After posting a YouTube video about the incident, Anonymous decided to get their hands involved releasing the home address, phone numbers of not only this executive director, but her parents, brother, and other relatives encouraging members and others to harass and threaten them, most recently with “I will kill you” as well as other death threats and calls for violent attacks.

Who Watches the Watchmen?It’s this type of extremism that causes the great many issues we have in this world and to be frank, I am sick and tired of it. I don’t speak just about anonymous as the trend today is if I don’t get my way, then I’m going to be radical until I do. This goes for the government, politics, religious groups, anti-religious groups, and many, many more. Do we tolerate people and groups being a bullies and terrorists because we think they’re fighting for a just cause? How far is too far? Will we let them turn into organizations like the KKK? Would you tolerate them threatening you, your friends, and your family?  Will we let it go on until they’ve compromising our security and freedoms just so they can have their way? Will you care? “Who is watching the watchmen?”   What are your thoughts?

Lightning Tattoo

Though I’m very unlikely to get a tattoo anytime in the future, I’ll admit there are some pretty awesome ones done by some fantastic artists.  Others though, really?  What were you thinking?  After a recent discussion with a friend about getting electrocuted, she forwarded me this article: Here’s what a lightning strike can do to your skin.

Lightning Tattoo

Maybe it’s just me, but this looks much cooler than any tattoo I’ve ever seen, plus it’s got a great story that’s bound to woo a couple of ladies. Great classy artwork with a great story behind it, though it hurts a hell of a lot more. What do you think?  Next fad?

Captain Malcolm Reynolds vs Castle – The Next Installment

Captain Malcolm Reynolds vs Castle - The Next Installment
Captain Malcolm Reynolds vs Castle - The Next Installment


Nathan Fillion has a wonderful essence about him.  Each of his roles exude the brilliance of a great actor, though still with a touch of his flair. Continuing on from where our last post Captain Malcolm Reynolds vs Captain Hammer, we bring you the next installment adding in Castle. We look forward to future installments, as I hope you do.  What do you think?