It’s Your Life, Quit If You Want To

Recently, I’ve noticed a new ad campaign online at a few different sites I frequent.  I was rather shocked at seeing it the first time, even after having heard about it from Jake.  The most prominent portion of the ad is the following:

It's Your Life. Quit If You Want To

If you don’t pay attention to the next part, you get to wondering who let the marketer in charge of this live and not forced to take the advice they are trying to give through this advertisement, which out of context is to commit suicide if you want to.  Granted, your eyes are fairly quickly moved to the green area of the ad and in context it makes sense, and not to promote suicide.  I still think that they might want to clarify as the English here seems to  convey that it’s your life you can quit.  Below is the full ad:

Am I taking it too far out of context?  What do you think?

– Chris

P.S. – It’s been five days, and nothing from Jake.  How long do you think it will take him to get a post up? What’s your wager?

How To Get Out of Debt

Below is a video which we had put on a feed years ago.  After watching it again, I feel the need to put it up for your enjoyment once more, although this may be confusing to a large amount of you. Be ye warned.

There’s not a full clip on Youtube, so we found it on Hulu above but is also linked on our vodpod account   You can check out some of our favorite video clips on YouTube, at

Email Verification

So, I was just looking through the email that we have been neglecting for the past, oh couple years to find a number of emails. Most of them were from Facebook saying come back, we’ve missed you. There was one that piqued my interest however. It was titled “Please verify the contact email address for your Apple ID.” Intrigued, I opened it to find that a Chad Matheny has apparently tried at least four times to register his Apple ID with our email address. Sorry Matt. You’ll have to get your own. I know we’re awesomely awesome, but we have issues letting other people use our things, or pretend to be us. You at least put your name on it, so good for you. Best of Luck. As for the rest of you, this is exhibit A in the case for why we use email verification. You’re welcome.


P.S. We’ll see how long it takes for Jake to actually get on here and post something. Any bets? Should we start a pool?