Iran the Honey badger

In recent news, Iran’s state media has claimed success in recent moves to continue it’s Nuclear program, despite looming EU sanctions, a pissed off Israel and US. In light of their obvious teenage-like defiance to the world, Iran offered to open up talks once more with foreign nations. headlines question “What does Iran’s nuclear announcement really mean?”  Reading between the lines, Iranian officials have in a sense stated: “Iran is a honey badger.  Honey badger doesn’t give a $#!%.  Honey badger takes what it wants. Honey badger does what it wants.”  Talks in the past have proven to be a stalemate move to keep foreign powers at bay while Iran has continued to do whatever it wants. What will the honey badger do next?

– Chris

(Warning, the below video may have language inappropriate for immature audiences.  If this is you, refrain from watching it, unless you must.)